The Best Day of the Year

Basketball season starts tonight, bitches. Damn it feels good. Due to the return of the NBA, the NY Times published their NBA preview, along with an article about the Knicks' upcoming season. Harvey Araton describes Isiah Thomas' situation as one requiring great luck, as he has been given a relatively undefined goal. We've all heard that he must make "progress" to not be canned, but how much progress is progress? I'd kinda like it if no room was left for interpretation when judgement day comes. So i'll throw out a number...

That's right, kids. 41. .500. (And how often do you get to see a picture of Glen Rice? That guy was filthy good back in the day...Anyway.) It's childish I know, but then again, so is Isiah Thomas. So far, just about everything he's done has baffled Knicks fans and media pundits. Therefore, the only way he can prove his worth to us is to show that the team is far awesomer than it was in past years. I want to see, straight up, that this squad is more capable of winning than it is losing. To me, only this would justify the spending, the dark horse draft picks, the revolving door of coaches, and everything else. This is my interpretation of Dolan's ultimatum.

Like I said, it may not be practical or logical, but neither is the employment of Isiah Thomas these days.

Anyway, some things...
Ernie Johnson is back at TNT tonight after months of chemo for Lymphoma. Ernie's one of the most likeable guys on one of the best sports programs ever. I'm enthralled to have him back on my television. Big ups to Ernie. Dude is a warrior.

Also, Deadspin has it's "tiny tidbits" on the Knicks today, including the delightful morsel of trivia that Kelvin Cato is a children's book author. I did not know!

Kelvin shows the kids how to h.o.o.p.

Peace out, and remember to avoid unwrapped candy.

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