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Nothing exciting today, except that Jalen Rose was officially kicked out of New York. A fine move by Isiah, in my opinion. As this article points out, Quentin Richardson is now solidly in line for the starting SF job. Q, to me, showed signs of the three-point form and rebounding prowess that is his game. His actual shooting form and movements on the court just look more natural than they did last year. Time will tell.

By the way, who do you think should take up the newly opened 15th spot on the roster? I think a nice, white 3-point gunner might fit the bill. Casey Jacobsen and Mike Gansey are on the market, are they not? A defensive guy? Gimme some thoughts.

Knicks season starts on Wednesday. Get pumped.

EDIT: ESPN came out with their predictions which I always enjoy. Channing got one vote for Most Improved from John Hollinger, who spares no love for the Knicks.

I usually don't like doing predictions but I've gotta take a whirl...

East: Cavs over Wizards
West: Spurs over Suns
Champ: Spurs- Finals MVP Tim Duncan

ROY: Duh, Brandon Roy. His last name is Roy, dammit!
Most Improved: Jumaine Jones Andrew Bynum
Sixth Man: Jamal Crawford
Coach: Don Nelson
Defensive Player: Artest. No contest.
MVP: Lebron, finally.

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