They're Back!

And so it begins. Tonight the Knicks take on los Vancouver Grizzlies of Memphis. As we know, Gasol is out, which is a blessing considering how badly he torched us last year. The Grizzlies dooooon't really have a center...(goes to Grizzlies website)...Yeah, no. Jake Tsakalidis is the best they have to offer, so this could be Curry's first chance to show us his new manly self. Expect him to either get called for a heap of fouls and pull out the classic Eddy Curry "Whatthefuh!?" face, or go nuts and abuse the Memphis front line. I'm more than ready to watch some Knicks basketball. Let's do this.

Gracias, Pau.

Anyway, check out what these mean bastards said about our Knicks. (Link via Truehoop)

Also peep the not nice things Simmons had to say in his preview article today...
If you're trying to figure out how the Knicks season could possibly be more entertaining than it was last season, well, here's how: More fat guys! Move over from the buffet table, Jerome James, Q and Eddy are coming in for seconds! If they ever start the same game, the PA announcer should announce them with their combined weight, like they're a wrestling tag-team or something.
It goes on. He's got some legitimate beefs with Isiah later on, but what's with that comment? Eddy's slimmed down considerably, and Q isn't THAT fat. Also, if he's so against heavy guys on the Knicks, why would he possibly have wanted them to keep that undersized chode of a center they call Jackie Butler around? I don't get it. Other than that, it's a great article and you should check it out, I guess.

Expect some passionate fumes or praise later this evening or tomorrow. Peace out.

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