Thursday Crumbs

Hey guys. Not much doin' today, as the Knicks don't play again until Saturday. Here's what's floating around the internet for today...

- Howard Beck gives evidence to prove that Mittens needs Jamal Crawford.

- It's TNT NBA Thursday. Chicago-Orlando (Go Bulls!) followed by San Antonio-Sacto.

- From the Fanhouse, Stephon Marbury's TV show, "Stars on Stars" debuts this Friday. Kobe Bryant will be the first guest.

- Finally, a sweet video for y'all. Here's footage of the end of the game 5 victory that featured Allan Houston's game winning runner against Miami in 1999. Great stuff. The highlight might be Chris Dudley celebrating like "Yay! Yay! Yay!" as he jumps up and down.

By the way, what the hell is Van Gundy so pissed about?

That's it for today kids. Back tomorrow. Peace.


Anonymous said...

wow...i forgot the knicks had ewing AND camby at this time.

Seth said...

I forgot that the Knicks had the legendary Rick Brunson!

zach said...

i love the knicks.

BigTime20 said...

remember when chris dudley broke his nose? LOL....i'm still cracking up, but i actually found some cool knick tickets deals that i figured all true fans would appreciate...50% of tickets for the 11/2 and 11/5 games at nyknicks.com when typing in FACE and a free ticket sweepstakes at http://www.msg.com/sweepstakes/knickstickets.html. Enjoy everyone, as we all think about Houston's runner in the lane!

frank said...

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