Wheeling and Dealing?

Ok, I couldn't wait. The trade deadline is 3 p.m. EST and I'm buggin' out. Rumors are flying from all different directions, but a deal does not seem as inevitable as it has in past seasons. One thing before I delve into this: I can think of almost no trades of which I'd approve. The team is just starting to show signs of unity and chemistry, and I'd hate to see that broken up. Isiah has made some dubious moves in the past, as well. That said...here we go:

- TrueHoop asks if Channing Frye is gonna go anywhere. He might be the Knicks' best bargaining chip. As much as I love Chan and his fuzz-stache, moving him would free up a starting spot for David Lee, and could bring in someone of value, or maybe a draft pick.

- Ian Thomsen hints that the Knicks might want Vince Carter. That sound you hear is my stomach gurgling.

- This article mentions two important ideas. One is the notion of a trade revolving around Channing and Rashard Lewis, which it deems unlikely. The second is Isiah's assertion that the Knicks will not be making any moves today. He's "99.9%" sure of it.

I open this up to all of you. Should the Knicks make a trade? Are the Knicks going to make a trade? Which valuable players are expendable? What do we need? How dirty would you feel about Isiah if the Knicks did make a trade? (My answers: No. No. Frye, maybe. If anything, a backup point or a good 3 point gunner. Extremely dirty.)

This should be interesting! Let me know what you think. Peace.

P.S. If you're anywhere near Darius Miles or Kenyon Martin, kidnap them. You only need to hide them for 16 hours or so.


The District Celtic said...

in reply to the Game-Thread comments:

clyde used some of the classics like 'swiftly' and 'poetically' (is that a word?) and of course, his personal favorite, 'exquisite'.

Seth said...

I'm sure there were some precocious neophytes involved, as well. Clyde spits hot fire.