Nets 101, Knicks 92

Dammit. Just when the Knicks really needed to get over the hump, they crapped away a great first half to bow to the Nets, 101, 92. The recent Charlie Brown comparison at Knickerblogger seemed to apply once more. The Knicks were coming off a win, up by 9 at the half, and roaring to a second consecutive victory but, just like that, the Nets pulled the football away and New York found themselves on their asses once again. Really sucks. Game notes:

- David Lee sat with a sprained ankle. The Beast did not look happy to be confined to a suit. It caged in all of his hustle and ferocity. I bet Dave's gonna go home and break some shit.

- The Knicks first offensive possession of the game was a doozy. Jerome James tried to show us his Globetrotter moves by looping a retarded one-handed pass to Eddy Curry, who wasn't expecting it. Curry saved it from going out of bounds. Maintaining possession, Marbury drove to the hole and got stripped midway, but the ball caromed back to James. "Big Snacks" then stumbled, but on his way down threw in a layup. I'm pretty sure that's not how it was drawn up.

- Vince Carter takes way too damn long to shoot his free throws. It makes me wanna kick him in the head. Actually, almost everything VC does makes me wanna kick him in the head.

- It was a shootout early on...between Jerome James and Mikki Moore.

- Did you know the Oscars were tonight? I don't think I've seen more than two of the nominated movies. This blog business keeps me occupied.

What the fuck? Jared Jeffries!?

- Kerry Kittles' name was tossed around in the game thread, and I'm pretty sure I saw him sitting behind the Nets bench.

- In back-to-backs, the Knicks are 6-8 in the first game (including tonight) and 3-10 in the second game (which does not bode well for tomorrow night).

- Marbury was singin' solo in the first quarter, lighting it up for 13 points (including 3 treys) with a chorus of boos as his backup music.

- Herb Williams mentioned this pre-game, and young Mittens proved it, that Curry be a big offensive presence even when he isn't scoring, simply because he draws so many double teams.

- When Channing Frye does not hesitate, he does not miss, unless it's a three.

- Mikki Moore is the boogeyman. He scares the shit outta me.


- Speaking of Moore...Renaldo Balkman was guarding him at one point, making for what might be the hairiest matchup in NBA history.

- Clyde attributed a Nets 3-second violation to the Knicks' "nagging, sagging defense". Someone needs to mash Clyde-isms up with a beat. I'm telling you it'd be great.

- Wasn't Lawrence Frank just an interim for Byron Scott? How often does the interim coach end up sticking around for as long as he has? I guess that huge win streak when he took the reigns probably helps. He's now very close to first for all-time Net wins.

- I blame the Knicks third quarter collapse on the Temptations. They performed at halftime. (Actually, it was pretty cool.)

101-92...Oh, how I wish it would rain.

- Bostjan Nachbar went nuts in this game, including one hilarious sequence. The boyish little Slav they call "Boki" showed a streak of brutish ferocity, as he dunked over Jared Jeffries and then let out a big, fat, Eastern European fist pump- BYAAAAH!- in Jeffries' face. Unfortunately, his fist pump was a little too close to said face, and Nachbar got hit up with a technical. He then resumed being the boyish little Slav they call "Boki".

- The difference between the two halves was simply that the Knicks couldn't miss in the first half, and couldn't buy one in the second half. They relied waaaaaay too much on jump shots, and were only encouraged to do so by their relative success in the first two quarters.

- Carter had 40, 9, and 8 for the Nets. Asshole.

That's pretty much it. The Knicks rode their hot shooting to a first half lead but, as was bound to happen, their reliance on the J caught up to them and they crapped away what could've been a huge win. I hate the Nets. It doesn't get easier, as the Knicks have to immediately face the Miami Heat tomorrow night. They absolutely need that one, considering the ground they lost with tonight's in-divison defeat. Back tomorrow. Peace.


Barnesgasm said...

Nice game wrapup of a shitty game. Not to go all (artist formerly known as) Prince on you, but this is he who was once Rodge. You may remember I once talked briefly about how I had a little hard-on for Matt Barnes... yeah. That came from a site my friends and I had about a year or so ago, which was down for a long time, but now, its back up in shiny blog form at sonofdippin.blogspot.com . We don't have much up, but we have some Knicks stuff, so check it out.
Despite how depressing this loss is, we're just as far out as we were yesterday.

Seth said...

Holy shit, man. This blog is hilarious. I love the Matt Barnes googly-eye thing (I tried to put one of those together with Humpty, but my mouse handlez are too shitty). I'm definitely throwing you guys a link. Glad that you brought it back!

The Bonafied Boy said...

so Carter did attack the rim and got hot from the perimeter as well, too bad i missed the game

Seth said...

Too bad indeed...you coulda mocked us relentlessly.

By the way...this maybe a stupid question...but do you currently live in Malaysia? If so, how exactly do you get to watch games? NBA TV?

The Bonafied Boy said...

naw, it's not stupid, but NBA TV does not exist in Malaysia, i watch the games on the net, there's this player that actually shows NBA games from the US networks, which is pretty cool.

Seth said...

That's awesome. Fuckin Malaysia, man. If I'm ever in Kuala Lumpur, I'll give you a ring.

The Bonafied Boy said...

you're welcome anytime, haha, drop me a jerome james jersey, he's fantasti.

Seth said...

For sure. They only make them in XXXL, though.

Seth said...

Wait...last question. Why the Nets?

The Bonafied Boy said...

err, let's see, Stephon Marbury was big here for awhile; coupled with the fact that i don't like the good teams, which during the time was the Hornets, Milwaukee and Philly, i hate them all, and then Jason Kidd came aboard and suddenly it's good to be a Nets fan so it kinda stucked.

The Bonafied Boy said...

and boy, how i miss good ole Todd MacCulloch.

Seth said...

Yeah man. The original T-Mac.

The Bonafied Boy said...

seriously, at my place, nobody gives a damn about the Nets, are they care are the Lakers