Nate Got Robbed!

Hope everybody enjoyed the All-Star Game. Just thought I'd relay this information I read in a post from The Big Lead at the Fanhouse. Apparently Nate Robinson, your dunk contest runner-up, was practicing a dunk in which he jumped over a blackjack playing Playboy bunny. According to the article (click the link to the Fanhouse to get there), Knicks management turned down the idea for "safety reasons". Like what? Is she gonna pull a Bruce Bowen on him?

Playboy Bunnies have been known to undercut.

Bullshit. That sounds like it would've been a spectacular dunk, as well as a perfect tribute to Vegas. It's kind of a shame. If the league gave Dwight Howard his 12 foot rims, Nate his playboy bunny, and found some decent judges, we might have had a really great dunk contest.

As far as last night goes, the actual ASG has always been my least favorite part of the weekend, and I watched only scattered parts. The highlight of the night, to me, was Shawn Marion throwing down a filthy windmill jam, and then walking away from the scene while letting out a huge, sleepy yawn. Totally Vegas. Oh, I also enjoyed Toni Braxton. I didn't remember Toni Braxton being so hot?

The Knicks' next game is tomorrow against Orlando. I'll be back then with your game thread. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...apparently Gerald was planning something similar. Unfortunately I don't think he could get a blackjack table onto the court so he just used that regular table he had. check it out: