Game Thread: Knicks vs. Magic

And we're back! The Knicks start their most important stretch of the season tonight at the Garden against the Orlando Magic. According to this John Hollinger article (found on Knickerblogger), this just might be the most important game of the season. The Magic are just about where the Knicks strive to be, sitting in the 7th seed at 27-26. This game begins an almost month-long stretch of struggling opponents, which means New York best get their winnin' shoes on tight.

The last time these two teams played (2/3), the Knicks handily defeated the Orlandoans (Orlandoans? Orlandans? OrlandAHNS), 94 to 86. Here's what I wrote after that game:
The Magic couldn't buy a bucket and couldn't handle Eddy Curry (27 points), and the Knicks beat them easily with efficient shooting and strong defense.
Hopefully, the Knicks are ready to rebound (in all senses of the word) after their embarassing loss to the Warriors. I'd love to see them pound the rock into the post and get Eddy Curry another big game against the Magic big men. Limiting the easy attempts (and sticker applications) of Dwight Howard is key to keeping Orlando in check on the other end. Darko Milicic also had a career game in the last meeting.

Lots of questions surrounding this game, too. Jerome James isn't still starting, is he? Is David Lee taking his spot? How is Stephon Marbury feeling? What's Steve Francis' role? How on earth does Dwight Howard get more points for a basic windmill than for the sticker dunk? Doesn't Las Vegas mean "The Diamonds" in Spanish? Does Orlando Bloom root for the Magic? Orlando Cabrera? Aren't 3 Musketeers bars overrated? Nougat in general is kinda bland. What the fuck is nougat anyway? I'd rather have a good Snickers bar any day of the week. I think I'm drifting here. That'll be all.

What were we talking about?

Anyway, I'm still out of town, so I'll very likely miss this whole game. This is a game thread, so post all comments about the game, candy bars, the Swiss Family Robinson, lemurs, Neptune, poison ivy, and the metric system as the game goes on. Since I probably won't get to watch the game, I value your comments today more than ever. Bring it. I'll be back with a short recap (maybe I'll post some of your comments) after the game. Go Knicks! Peace.

EDIT: Happy Birthday Stephon Marbury!


The Bonafied Boy said...

magic the gathering!!! classic!

willymilly said...

I haven't been this pumped for a game in awhile, I was supposed to goto this game but I couldn't get enough tickets :(.

Seth said...

That's a shame. At least you get to watch it! Let me know (this goes for everyone) how the thing goes.

sperez05 said...

yo we were down 8-0 i walk to get chips ans sum salsa come back and richardson nails a 3 and its 8-8.. and jerome james is starting again

willymilly said...

Started off with an 8-0 Magic run, answered back with an 8-0 Knick run. James started and left with 5:57 left in the 1st with only a steal to show for. Curry was out for most of the first because of foul trouble.

10-0 run in the second quarter for the Knicks.. that's kind of it.

"We're going to the playoffs."- Fat Joe.

sperez05 said...

yoo key win philly and milwauke then a strugg-a-ling nj team at MSG. Part 1 completed

The Bonafied Boy said...

jerome james
line of the night

5 mins 0-1, 2 TOs, 1 steal

Seth said...

Thanks for filling me in, everybody. Hope the game was enjoyable. 24 baby!