LJ's Four-Point Play

With the Knicks off for a few days, I'm going to try and bring you some cool videos this week. Here's just about the best video out there of Larry Johnson's infamous four-point play in the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals, with the full NBC coverage of the possession and Tom Hammond's famous call. Enjoy.


Anyway, the Knicks' next game is against Larry Brown and the Philadelphia 76ers. Grrr. Walt and Crispino wondered last night why people don't have cool nicknames anymore like "Downtown" Freddie Brown. Here's one: "Bitch Bastard Douchebag Jizz Jar" Larry Brown. Has a nice ring to it.

Peace. Enjoy the football.


Cornrows said...

Gee thanks.

I thought maybe after all these years I could see the foul, but it still looks the same ;).

Seth said...

Ok ok ok ok it was an iffy foul. Reggie got away with enough push-offs in his day to more than make up for it.

Cornrows said...

Oh, yeah, I always seem to forget about Reggie's tricks. I really liked the one where he would kick his leg out to initiate contact. Worked like a charm.