Knicks 111, Sonics 93

The Knicks finished their road trip on a high note, swiftly and soundly decapitating the Sonics for a wire-to-wire win. Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford worked hard and shut down Ray "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Allen to cripple the Sonic offense. Eddy Curry (9 for 9) and the Knicks shot the lights out, rebounded well, and had their most complete win of the season against an injury-plagued team. Game notes:

- Mike Crispino subbed in for Mike Breen on the play-by-play. He was jovial and informative, but definitely suffers from a case of Gus Johnson syndrome. He yells WAY too much- about things as commonplace as tip-ins and 24 second violations. As I was semi-asleep for most of the second half, he startled the shit outta me a few times. Crispino's loud enough to wake up my neighbors. And by neighbors, I mean Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware.

- Walt Frazier described Danny Fortson as "portly". Walt's kind-hearted. Anyone else might've called him "expecting".


- Jerome James kicked off his Seattle return with 2 fouls in 2 minutes. Awesome.

- Who taught David Lee to pass? Suddenly, he's dropping some nifty dimes in the paint. Another good option to feed Curry. The ball.

- Clyde's take on Curry's continued dominance from Wednesday's game: "Different venue, same menu". It feels good to talk about feeding and menus with Eddy Curry and have it actually relate to basketball.

- I like those "Bobby Granger's Guide to the Rangers" commercials. The one where Brendan Shanahan hits a slapshot into his balls is hilarious. "What apple?". Hahaha. I guess you had to be there.

- Curry (22), Crawford (17) and Marbury (13) all had around their point averages by halftime.

- Every team has a big man whose job it is to block for the point guard when the ball is being brought up. This is typically done by just running into the opposing guard and thrusting your junk into his face so he backs off. Kurt Thomas used to have this job, and now it's Channing Frye's.

- More classic Frazier from this game...He called Crawford a "kleptomaniac" in reference to his numerous steals in the last few games. I love Clyde.

- The Sonics have the full word "SEATTLE" on the waistband of their shorts. It looks kinda dumb.

- Balkman had three pass deflections on one Seattle possession. Good stuff.

- Mickael Gelabale is listed at 215 lbs. I'd guess that about 55 of those pounds are from his head.

"C'mon Mickael, just try the hat on!"
"Coach, you're embarassing me."

- Ryan McNeill and I talked about Knick tattoos a few weeks ago on his Raptors Podcast, and I mentioned that David Lee hadn't gone with that trend. Now that I look at it, he appears to have some sort of tat on his right shoulder, usually hidden by his jersey. I could be seeing things.

- Great moment...Late in garbage time, the Seattle crowd started a "We Want Jerome" chant. MSG had a shot of the entire Knick bench joining in the chant, with Isiah inviting James to sub in, and Jerome declining with a laugh. That was pretty funny. I wish he at least did the Patrick Ewing stand-and-wave for the crowd. He mighta gotten a sarcastic standing ovation.

Anyway, it was an easy and complete win on both ends for the Knicks. Now they have a long rest before they start a three game home stand on Wednesday against the Sixers. What the shit am I gonna do with myself between now and then? Well, until tomorrow, Goodnight, and Peace to all.

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