Knicks-Pacers Tonight

First of all, a few things about the Nets game.

- Maybe Channing should stop shooting at halftime, and Crawford should start shooting at halftime? Maybe?

- Curry Mittens had 11 boards, but missed the biggest one at the end. He also only took 7 shots and had 4 turnovers. I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

- Man, both of those final possessions in both of the last two heartbreakers were kinda rough. Both times, the defense really held up until the last second. On Wednesday, Curry helped out too soon, leaving Butler open. Last night, Curry couldn't quite box out Splifford Robinson, who got the tip-in.

- As you could tell by last night's post, I was pretty distraught after the game. I went downstairs and watched the T-Wolves lose to the Pistons in 2OT after a glorious show without Kevin Garnett, though. That made me feel a little better. (Speaking of Garnett, does he ever win fights? Remember when Anthony Peeler elbowed him in the face?)

Alright, onto tonight's game. The Knicks get to show their real resiliency, as they face the new-look Pacers the night after a draining loss (although I did hear Kenny Smith on TNT say that back-to-backs were easier than normal games). I think I've been hexing the Knicks by saying that these games are important, so I'll go ahead and tell you that this Pacers game is totally meaningless. So there. Pay attention to the battle of David Lee against Jeff Foster. Whether or not these guys are guarding each other, it's gonna be a fucking war for rebounds around the basket.

David Lee, you have met your match.

One more thing. As a few people have noticed, I tend to miss a lot of games, even important ones, on the weekends. The fact is that I've gotta get out of the house sometimes, and weekends are the time to do it. I often cut things short or skip out on people so I can watch at least SOME of every game, but I apologize for what I miss. I really do try. And I always watch Knicks in 60 if they end up winning. On that note, I wouldn't be surprised if I missed quite a bit of the game tonight. I implore any of you who are watching these games to get on the comments section and spill your thoughts. I might even start calling these things Game Threads, to really get that across. This is Your New York Knicks, everybody. I wanna know what you think.

Go Knicks. Peace.

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