Knicks 108, Pacers 106

Ahhh. The Knicks nearly blew another close game, but just pulled one out in Indiana, winning by two. While numerous travels and backcourt violations in the final minute nearly gave the game away, Nate Robinson hit 3 of 4 clutch free throws to win it. I actually managed to catch the latter 3 quarters of this game. Game notes:

- This may have been one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen. I swear nearly every call was wrong.

- I wish Ike Diogu went to a team that was gonna play him. He got 5 minutes off the bench, but I think that kid could be something given the minutes.

- I'm sure you've heard me rip on Bruce Bowen and Paul Pierce, but Mike Dunleavy is definitely an outside shot for my least favorite player in the NBA.

- Did you know that Isiah, Mark Aguirre, and Herb Williams were all in the same (1981) draft class? I did not.

- Marbury did something to his leg last night against the Nets, and did something more tonight. He was in quite a bit of pain, and was icing down his left knee on the bench. Don't be surprised to be hearing about this by tomorrow morning.

- Do you think that when Europe was writing "The Final Countdown", they envisioned it being played in every single clutch setting of every basketball game in the country?

"Vad är basketboll? "Låta oss gå äta något Swedish Fish."

- Curry only had 1 rebound, but looked more like himself with 26 efficient (10-12) points, even in foul trouble.

- My face turns bright red during Knicks games. It used to happen just at the Garden, but now I can be alone in my home and be bright red by the final buzzer.

- David Lee led the Knicks with 44 minutes, and dropped 20 and 16, walloping Jeff Foster (6 and 3 in 19 minutes) for the crown of MVFFRWG (Most Valuable Fan-Favorite Rebounding White Guy).

Suck it, Jeffrey.

- After the opening night embarassment, Isiah said that the Knicks would get revenge on Indiana. Considering that this was a real sacktap of a loss for the Pacers, I think Zeke got what he wanted.

Anyway, it was far from perfect, but the Knicks finally closed a game. The schedule gets tough this week, as they face a formidable Suns sandwich on some Miami Heat bread (that's MIA, PHO, MIA for those of you too dense for my poetic skillz). Back tomorrow with some Lookalikes. Peace.

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