Bobcats 104, Knicks 87

Well, that was different. The Knicks flip-flopped their usual losing pattern, starting out relatively hot, and then completely tanking in the latter 3 quarters. New York looked to be on pace for a high-scoring game, but followed a 30 point first quarter with 24, 18, and 15 in the next three. Gerald Wallace had 42 points for the Bobcats, who hit 9-18 from downtown, and had pretty much a free pass to score for most of the game. The Knicks were clueless on offense, stagnant on defense, and wholly disappointing. Game notes:

- On the first possession of the game, Jared Jeffries took a hard foul from Emeka Okafor and slammed his head on the ground as he fell. Jeffries arose with bleary eyes, a hanging-open mouth, and a dazed expression...which means he was fine.

Maybe Jared's just always concussed?

- Yo, the Rookie team is gonna get trashed by the sophomores this year. It's not even fair.

- Bizarre moment in the first half. Channing Frye took a hook shot that rimmed out, rolled around a little bit and then STOPPED on the heel of the rim. It didn't get caught...it was actually balanced up there. Never seen that before. That's a jump ball, by the way, if that ever happens in one of your games.

- Clyde had a bit of a misfire in his commentary. Gerald Wallace saw lots of different looks from different Knick defenders, including Jeffries, Lee, and Frye, and had success against each one of them. Walt called this "genocide" by Wallace. I get where he was coming from, but it wasn't the greatest analogy, to say the least.

- Gus Johnson mentioned that Tracy McGrady emailed Jamal after his 52 point game to congratulate him and express his amazement at the 16 straight makes. Thought that was neat, coming from a guy who once had 13 in half a minute.

- Another interesting fact...Julius Peppers was courtside. According to Clyde and Gus, his first name comes from Dr. J, and his middle name "Frazier" comes from Walt himself. Can you imagine being so famous that complete strangers are named after you? First reader to name their child Seth gets a sweet prize, courtesy of Your NYK.

- Instead of a "clap clap" to start the "de-fense" chant, the Charlotte P.A. system plays that "OW-OW" sound from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Chicka-chicka.

- Clyde made up for the off-color "genocide" remark with a new rhyme- "weaving and achieving", in reference to a Jamal Crawford move.

- Alright, it's probably time for some serious notes, because this was a seriously bad game. First of all, the Knicks body language was unbelievably bad in the second half. You've gotta wonder what Isiah said to them at the break. Given their horrendous records in games during which they trail at halftime, Zeke must not be a very good motivational speaker, eh?

- Isiah went small to start the second half, pulling Frye for Nate Robinson. It totally backfired, because Nate couldn't keep up with Ray Felton, and Jeffries couldn't do any better than Frye could in guarding Gerald Wallace. Come to think of it, Wallace made just about every big guy on the Knicks look like a damned fool.

DE-fense. (OW-OW) DE-fense.

- Speaking of Gerald Wallace, fuck Gerald Wallace. Fuck him. That is all.

- Mittens reeled off a quick 10 points in the first quarter, and then fell asleep for the rest of the game. He was a step late on every defensive rotation, never boxed out, and coughed up the ball every time he had it in the post.

- Marbury is in some real pain. Jared Jeffries is a real pain.

In summary, it was a piss-poor, unbelievably haphazard game against a team we should've beaten. The offense had no direction or movement, and the defense was slow and lackadaisical. Obviously, the players lacked intensity, but some blame has to be put on Isiah. He didn't seem to do anything to motivate his guys, which is becoming a chronic issue, and his strategies were either non-existent or worthless. Just a shame to watch. The Knicks get a break to sort things out, and then face the Magic in Orlando on Saturday. Back tomorrow. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Wait...so his name is Dr. Julius Peppers? Or Dr. Peppers?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Seth said...


Careful though...he might come eat you.