Knicks-Jazzes* Tonight

Well then.Nate's gone for 10. Mardy's gone for 6. Jared's got 4. Jerome James has 1. Isiah Thomas has 0. Feel free to remark in the comments, but I'm very much ready to move on from the brawl in this space. It was embarassing, we're gonna be somewhat shorthanded, but there's more games to play.

The Knicks take on Utah tonight. Don't be surprised to see Steve Francis magically returning to health and pushing back into the starting lineup (with Q moving back to the 3). Lost in the hullabaloo of Saturday night were fine performances by Lee and Marbury. Curry was weak on the boards (3), and Crawford completely shat the bed, hitting only 1 of 9 from the field. The Knicks really haven't lost too much to suspension, so it'll be interesting to see how these guys react to Saturday's events, and the interactions between the players and Coach Isiah. The general mood of the crowd is a complete toss-up at this point as well. Veeeeery interesting. Anything can happen.

* I am fundamentally against professional team names that aren't decidedly plural. They sound like NBDL or WNBA names. Before long, we're gonna have a pro sports franchise called the San Diego Spunk or the Albuquerque Awesome or something like that. Not cool. The Jazzes' name is made even worse and less appropriate by their move from New Orleans to Utah.

Don't wanna get yourselves confused with these guys.

Recap despues del partido. Paz.

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