Knicks-Bucks Tonight

The Bucks, who are coming off a back-to-back, come to the Garden tonight. Between Michael Redd, Mo Williams, Charlie Bell, and Charlie Villanueva, the Bucks are a ridiculously potent three-point shooting team, which should pose problems for the Knicks' perimeter defenders.

Charlie poses with his pregame meal.

Other things:

- Good.

- More proof that the Knicks, while unsuccesful on the court, are certainly a charitable and wholesome bunch. Jamal Crawford looks goofy in that hat.

For some reason, I thought Santa was fat and jolly...

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday. Backatcha after the game. Later.

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TheHype said...

Dude, didn't get to watch the game, but I eagerly wait your post about how Mittens suddenly a Hall of Famer(!!) after seeing the boxscore