Knicks 103, Bulls 92

I gotta catch a plane early in the morning, so we'll make this quick. The Knicks, in one of their most convincing wins of the season, comfortably defeated the Bulls with 9 players. All of the bigs were in foul trouble, but New York obliterated Chicago on the glass (57-36) and the Bulls shot a miserable 3-18 from downtown. Eddy Curry pushed his Mean Streak to 2 games, scoring 20 with 6 rebounds. A few game notes:

- The Baby, the Knicks mascot I pointed out from a win against Washington earlier this year, was once again in the house. For those of you who haven't seen him, this kid must be about 2 years old (I'm no good at judging age), but he sits front row and dances and cheers throughout the entire game. It's magical. Well, Breen and Clyde spent a lot of time talking about this kid, and we found out that his name is Luca. I will continue to call him The Baby. Either way, the Knicks are 2-0 in The Baby's presence. They should keep him around the locker room like Pedro Martinez did with that little friend of his.

- Michael Sweetney is still the same old Michael Sweetney. He had 3 fouls in his first 3 minutes in the game.

- When Chan Frye got his 5th foul, he was LIVID. He had about a 5-minute flipout on the sidelines, stomping his feet and throwing stuff. I guess it's cool to see that kind of passion from the kid but...whoa.

- Eddy "Mittens" Curry actually did a great job of catching and converting some tough passes, even among double teams. Way to kill the nickname, man.

Skeets and Tas, where you at?

- I don't watch much Bulls basketball, but my guess would be that Ben Gordon is to Chicago what Jamal Crawford is to the Knicks. Some nights he can't miss. Other nights you scream "NOOOOO!!!!!" everytime he squares up for a 30 foot fadeaway.

- At the very end of the game, Tyrus Thomas couldn't find a man for his inbounds pass, so he just threw it to himself off David Lee's ass. Thought that was funny.

- Speaking of Lee...Shit, son. With Lee playing with such intensity and Frye so fluid in his shot, it's gotta be tough to distribute minutes. Isiah's handled it pretty well.

Anyway, this was a great win for a surely tired Knicks team (9 guys playing 3 overtimes over the last week). They have to play the Suns Sixers tomorrow night, but then get a nice 3-day break before taking on the Clippers. I'm gonna be out west until next Saturday so, as I mentioned before, I'd love if someone would write up recaps and/or summaries of the games this week and send them over. I'm probably not gonna be able to watch much.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


Anonymous said...

great win! D.Lee has become an animal!
And hey, we play the Sixers t'row and then Suns..Hopefully, streak goes to 4.

Sammy G said...

Is it just me or does Frazier use the word "exquisite" too much in his commentary.

Just a thought, listen for it next time you're watching a Knicks game.

TheHype said...

SETH!!! You best gets your ass back in front of a keyboard and gimme a rundown of how in god's holy land did the Knicks pull off a TripleOT win versus the Pistons! :)