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The undefeated Knickerbockers take on the Hawks this evening, down in A-town. New York had problems with the Hawks last season, dropping 2 of 3 very convincingly. One thing I've noticed over the past few seasons is that the Knicks tend to get beaten up by youngsters and unknown guards. Wednesday night's attack by Atkins, Gay, and Warrick was nothing new. Off the top of my head, I can remember Emeka Okafor, Travis Outlaw, and T.J. Ford having coming out parties against the Knicks. Likewise for such typically useless guards as Tyronn "WNBA" Lue and Alan Anderson. They totally underprepare for the lesser-known guys.

Somehow this lady becomes a superstar when she plays the Knicks.

Anyway, the Hawks are loaded with such players. Expect either Speedy, Lue, or Shelden Williams to throw it down tonight. Joe Johnson's been a famous Knick-killer too. Who knows. The Knick guards MUST step it up on perimeter D or it's gonna be a long, long night. Let's hope they can pull it together. I probably won't be able to catch some of this game on TV, so I'll be sure to check out the replay or recap later tonight. Feel free to leave any thoughts on the game in the comments.

On another note, my favorite TV program on earth, TNT NBA Thursday, returned last night. I went to sleep completely reminded of how much I love that damn show. Barkley and Smith are two of the smarter, more interesting guys in sports, and can express their opinions without being boorish or obnoxious (Hear me, Stephen A?). Ernie Johnson is solid as hell, and looks to be soundly whooping the ass of cancer. It's wonderful to have him back. Craig Sager is delightfully eccentric, (Did you know that he was the mascot at Northwestern?), and has great interactions with the guys in New York.

Daaaaamn, Willy the Wildcat cleans up!

Down at courtside, Marv Albert and Steve Kerr are fantastic (and have new matching hairstyles). Kevin Harlan is solid and I always confuse Doug Collins's voice with Kerr's, anyway. I'm babbling, but you get the point. Eliminate the Miller family and this is the perfect sports show. I'm ecstatic to have it back in my household.

So...peep the game tonight if you can, and fill me in on the stuff I miss. Peace out, and watch that Isiah Thomas video again. Seriously, it ages like a fine wine.

EDIT: Go sign the petition at Need4Sheed to bring our bitching back. They also found the Zeke video long before I stumbled upon it, so big ups for that.

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