Things Fall Apart

Such is life with the New York Knicks. The actual outcome of the Bulls game was typical and unimportant. The effects were enormous. Let's recap:

Channing Frye- Sprained ankle (3-6 weeks)

Quentin Richardson- Strained hamstring (Day-to-day but those injuries tend to nag)

Stephon Marbury- Benched and pissed off (Forever?)

Well, one of my goals when I made this site was to "remain optimistic and lighthearted throughout what should be a very interesting season". In a season that's gone pretty sour, I think I might've lost sight of that. So here it goes. The bright side:

Jeffries is returning soon.

We're 5-10. That's not THAT bad.

It's been exciting.

Chan's absence means we get to see more Lee and Balkman.

Marbury's GOTTA be on his way out at least by the offseason. Marbury leaving a team usually brings good things.

Eddy Curry just had two 20 point games in a row.

Ben Gordon didn't score a lot.

Ummm...Nate Robinson can dunk!

Aight, I'm spent. The Knicks get two much needed days off, but expect to see some sniping and snarking to the press come Monday. It's about to get hella crazy, but as a team and as a fanbase, the Knicks need to keep their heads up. Peace.

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