Knicks 101, Celtics 77

Hey now. It wasn't pretty, but I'd say that was one of the Knicks' best all-around games of the year. Game notes:

- The 2-3 zone is an interesting idea. It certainly worked last night, and is worth going to in the future, but it's not gonna work as well against good 3-point shooting teams. Way to mix it up though.

- Might that have been a breakout game for Mittens (21/10)? Going up against Ben Wallace tonight should certainly serve to prove or dispell that notion.

- Donnie Wahlberg.

And that's why I'm not a Celtics fan.

- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Knicks are now 5-1 when they score more than 100 points.

- Doc Rivers is toast. He's always seemed like a cool guy, so I feel sorry for him. Hopefully this means he'll be back in the booth on national TV. He's a good announcer.

Unable to connect with his players, Doc has desperately resorted to ASL.

- Marbury didn't really do anything meaningful, but was all smiles on the bench after the game.

- Nothing pleases me more than seeing Paul PIerce on the bench, thumbing his stubble like a drunken vagrant. I hate the Celtics.


Anyway, the Knicks play the Bulls tonight at home. As mentioned, this is Curry's game to prove himself. A zone, however, might not be as effective, as Hinrich, Gordon, and Nocioni are all deadly 3-point shooters. Perimeter defense is vital. This is an extremely important game, as a streak and a home win are both desperately needed to keep this season alive. Later.

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