La Di Da Di, The Knicks Like to Party

Finally, the day has come. You've heard it in the Garden and on commercials, and now you can bring it into your home. That's right, Doug E. Fresh's "Take Me Home", the Knicks remix that debuted in 2001, is finally available to download. For those of you who are feeling befuddled and empty for never having heard this song, the lyrics go a little something like this (off the top of my head):

(Sung to the tune of John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads")

Chorus:Take me home, take me home
To the place I was born
New York City, East New York now
Take me home, take me home

Then comes the hot fire of Mr. Fresh. Again, from my own memory:

East side crew, West Side crew/ True New Yorkers wear orange and blue
Uptown crew, Downtown crew/ True New Yorkers Wear orange and blue
Brooklyn crew, Harlem crew/ True New Yorkers wear orange and blue

Repeat Chorus.

Anyway, that's the gist of the song. It's on just about every Knicks commercial now, and they play it at least twice during every game. It pains me to see a rap legend like Doug E. Fresh having his career come to this. I'm considering forking over the 99 cents, if only to feel like I'm helping him get out of this lowlight of his career.

This kinda goes along with this post from the Basketball Jones, about team marketing slogans. An investigation of NBA team theme songs might be similarly entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Any way to get it without buying it?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I paid the .99 for it. But it's a freakin minute and 26 seconds! It's still worth it though

Anonymous said...