Knicks-Wiz Tonight

The Wizards come to town tonight, including one of my personal favorite players, Mr. Gilbert Jay Arenas. This is gonna be a fun-ass game. Basically, it boils down to the play of Arenas. If he's shooting lights-out, the game's over. The Wizards, though, do not have a real offensive post presence, and don't have many other shooters, so if Arenas is off, our Knicks certainly have a chance. Yes, I am banking on the struggles of one of the league's best players for the Knicks to win. We're 2-6 kids...don't kill my dreams.

Anyway, far more interesting, in my mind, is this bit of news. As you've surely heard, Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight stirred up some controversy by slapping the face of one his players when said player didn't make eye contact with him. He claims that he was just trying to get the attention of the player, but the media thorougly dissects everything he does, because he's fucking loony. Whatever.

What's important to this Knicks fan, is the response of Isiah Thomas, a former player under Knight. Isiah was all for Knight's attention-getting strategies. He suggest that if a player is tuning you out or hanging his head, the coach must do something to get the player's attention. Hmmm. Does this increase the possibility of Jamal Crawford or Eddy Curry getting slapped this year? I have trouble believing that it wouldn't help. We'll see.

Just give him the sacktap!

Finally, this article from the NY Daily News shares the feelings of Stephon Marbury. A glimpse:
"It's been kind of tough, but it's an adjustment," Marbury said yesterday after the Knicks' 2-1/2-hour practice in Greenburgh. "I know what I'm capable of doing on the basketball court. But playing the way I have been playing is not the way I play. I have not been playing as aggressive as I normally play on the basketball court. And that's just from trying to get everybody involved and into the game.
"I've gotten turnovers because I've been trying to distribute the ball a little bit too much."
My problem with Marbury this year hasn't been so much in his physical play, but in his attitude. When he came to New York, he was a fanatic. Not only was he playing out of his mind, but his effort and enthusiasm were clearly present. He smiled, he celebrated, he jumped up and down...not unlike Nate Robinson's intensity these days. This is all I ask of Marbury. He is unquestionably the most talented and valuable player on the team, and even if he's in a funk, he needs to show us that his heart is in the game. I truly believe that he can will himself back into the action, but he needs to show the team and the fans that he's giving everything he has. Body language matters.

Smile, dude.

By the way, what the shit does "playing the way I have been playing is not the way I play" mean? It sounds like something Dr. Seuss might say.

Anyway, I'm gonna watch the whole game tonight, so look for a recap in the postgame. Go Knicks.

EDIT: Look it! I found a fantastic and delightfully relevant post at Jones on the NBA. Go check it out.

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sunsonfire said...

dude, the Knicks crapped all over the Wiz today.
renaldo lit it up with 18/7/2.

and what about that 0% 3 pt shooting from WAS!