Knicks 102, Wiz 82

Ahhhh. For once, the Knicks played a relaxing game, defeating the Wizards handily. And for once, I have few complaints about the team as a whole. Guys played their roles well (Some of you are saying that Steve Francis sucked right now. Steve Francis's role is to suck, so shut it), and Isiah was just about on the money with his substitutions. Anyway, my game notes:

- Hair update: Mike Breen has got some pretty promising stubble going there. Really looking forward to a goatee in the future. Channing Frye's disgusting peach fuzz has blossomed into a man-stache. Very impressed, I'm glad he stuck with it despite my scorn. Finally, David Lee's current mop is really coming along nicely. I'd like to see him let it grow, until it is a shoulder-length mess of hair, sweat, and old Bit O' Honey wrappers.

- Bill Simmons called Q-Rich fat in his season preview. Q-Rich is not fat...the man is fucking jacked. He might have the most disproportionately massive pythons in the league right now.

- "Man, put down my papaya!"

- The Knicks showed some improved defense on the perimeter, including the novel appearance of Marbury fighting over screens. Some of Washington's useless three point shooting can be attributed to this. Some of it is just due to the fact that there are no bona fide longball shooters on the team.

- Channing's inflection when he says "We don't always get to eat" in the letter-reading food drive commercial haunts me in my sleep. He has no future in announcing.

- Speaking of which, remember to bring some unperishable food items if you go to a game in the upcoming weeks. I'll be there with my lima beans on Saturday.

- You know how they say guys like Zach Randolph and Mike Sweetney have "soft hands", cause they're good pass-catchers and have a nice touch around the rim? Eddy Curry has hard hands. That's my new phrase. Make it stick.

- Either the players or Isiah is not great at running plays out of timeouts.

- The third quarter substitutions, in particular, were very well executed.

-Renaldo!!!! He and Lee must have put in about 10 O-bound layups. I love it. Great effort.

"Just watch me do the Humpty Hump..."

- Gilbert Arenas, leaving the court in the third quarter, heard saying "Why me!?" He threw up a stinker.

- I'm gonna look for pics, and help me out, but the Knicks have a new official mascot. He is a child of no more than 2 years, who for now will be known as simply "The Baby". He was sitting courtside, and even way past his bedtime, was going absolutely bananas. He pretty much led a "Let's go Knicks" cheer at the end, and was clapping and raising the roof non-stop. Get him some sneakers and a trampoline to dunk on, cause he's going out on the court during timeouts. The kid is awesome.

- Stephon Marbury, leaving the court for garbage time, heard saying: "Fuck yeah!" Atta boy. Great job distributing and getting to the basket, to go along with some solid outside J's.

You can always tell Steph's gonna shoot if he has his mouth wide open. Swear to god.

Anyway, great game. I'm really proud of the team for putting a win together. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go dwell on it for a little while. More tomorrow.

EDIT: Someone just pointed this out to me...The Knicks are 3-0 on Wednesdays. They have 21 Wednesday games this year.

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