Knicks-Rockets Tonight

The Rockets come to town tonight, in what might be the hardest existing matchup for the Knicks. Yao Ming is the best center is the league. T-Mac is a versatile threat. Alston, Battier, and Head can all shoot the three. Basically, New York's gonna have to go bananas on offense or the game's already over.

Other stuff...

The Rockets' website jumps out at you with some porn music and dancing Dikembe Mutombo bobbleheads. Actually, now that I look at it, it's a fucking bobbleFINGER. Snap!

I'm never visitng the Rockets' website again.

Great post from Knickerblogger

I'm number three in Pounding the Rock's fake money fake betting fake contest. Boo-yah.

Recap later. Peace.


sunsonfire said...

who wants to sex mutombo?

sunsonfire said...

DUDE! did you see that monster block by Nate on Yao?

Seth said...

Thaaaat was ridiculous. I like how Yao bent over and cried about getting brushed in the eye too. He may be dominant, but he's still got a little pussiness in him.