Knicks-Rockets Crumbs

What's up kids. There's some residue floating around from last night's game...

The Cavalier at Yay Sports thinks that last night's game was the first turn of a downward spiral for Marbury on the Knicks. It's frightening, but he might have a point.

Forget the shoes...Look for Starbury Keffiyehs coming to a store near you.

Knickerblogger sheds some light on the development of Mittens, and why he sucks baboon balls.

Tas and Skeets read my e-mail on the new Basketball Jones podcast, and spread the "Mittens" gospel. Bonus.

And finally...THE BLOCK ON VIDEO! Uncut, in real time, with the original soundtrack. Dope.
I may be biased, but I'd say Nate had minimal contact with Yao's eye. That was clean, kids. Damn, that was awesome.

Anyway, the Knicks head to Timberland tomorrow, so expect some preview action coming at ya. Later.

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