Knicks 104, Hawks 100- OT

Aw yeah. For the first time in nearly a month, the Knicks pulled out two wins in a row, including a hard fought one tonight in Atlanta. Despite falling down early, the Knicks battled back to send the game into overtime and eventually take over. Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis (!?) were fucking heroic, hitting ridiculous threes and crazy layups to elevate the Bockers. Marbury had 38 (including 11 in OT), and 9 assists. Francis had 26. The bad news was that Q-Rich's bad back finally caught up to him, and caused him to sit most of the game. It's always been a problem for him, and hopefully he'll be back before long. Eddy Curry had a silent night, shooting only 3-12 for 9 points. These things happen.

Either way, good times. The gutsy play of the guards (as well as useful performances by Balkman, Collins, and Jeffries) was delightful to watch. Marbury in particular has to get some kind of recognition for the way he's stepped up his play as of late. Well played, Knicks. Good night everybody, and thanks for the birthday salutations. Back tomorrow with some lookalikes. Peace.


Anonymous said...

nice win. you guys are a step closer to overtaking the nets. YOU'RE WELCOME.

by the way, i succombed to insanity and have started a new blog. check it out if you want.


Seth said...

Looks great! I like that little Battier post and the Maggette picture is hilarious. I'll throw you a link.

willymilly said...

The Nets are losing to the 76ers now in the 3rd.. can you smell that? That's being .5 a game out of the 8th spot.