Game Thread- Knicks at Hawks

I'll make this quick. The Knicks follow their win at home with a trip to Atlanta to take on the Hawks. New York has not won back-to-back games (or lost back-to-back games, while we're at it) since February 6th. Though the Hawks are a poor team record-wise, they handily defeated the Knicks the last time these two teams met in Atlanta on November 3rd. Granted, circumstances were different in November, and the Knicks beat them at the Garden later, but the point is this game is not to be taken lightly. The Bockers regularly come out flat every other game, so pay attention to their body language and overall effort this evening. I'm sick and tired of them shitting away easy games.

Anyway, I'm gonna be oot and aboot to celebrate my birthday tonight, so it'll be another weekend without game notes. I do hope to catch at least some of the game, though. Sorry. If anyone wants to hook them up, I'd obviously be accomodating.

Little housekeeping note: Due to some unsatistfactory use of the comments section (if you read the comments, you know what I'm talking about), I'm turning off anonymous comments. Shouldn't really be an issue. Yeah.

This is a game thread, so post any comments about the game, Greek salad, monster trucks, cottage cheese, and "Blade Runner" as the day goes on. I'll recap later. Go Knicks. Peace.


John said...

Have a fantastic birthday man! Go Knicks. Good to see Starbury back, but we'll need to entire team effort to stay within striking distance. Good stuff by Collins last nice. He was composed and understands his role.

zach said...

happy birthday seth. i hope you enjoy it as much as walt enjoys saying "posting and toasting." i dunno if thats possible but i hope it is.

Anonymous said...

i expect a small decrease in your hatred towards the Celtics after we helped your playoff hopes by taking down the Nets today. word.

The Bonafied Boy said...

after what happened in the celtics - nets game, i hate the celts!!, i'm thinking anything could happen right now, anything; as in a knicks loss, hehe.
happy birthday cheers

willymilly said...

Happy Birthday dude.

Knicks are playing lights out at the end of the fourth... they better keep this rolling.

zach said...

just some brief points on the game:
the knicks won this game by much more than the score said. terrible calls were made against them... they were called for charges that clearly were blocks on atlanta. they were called for blocks that were clearly charges, all these plays lead to points against them also, weather it was them scoring a basket that didnt count or the other team converting on a bad call. they also got cheated out of a 3 pointer that was actually made with time left on the shot clock but it was waved off. Q Rich hurt his back and spent alot of the game laying on the floor, he missed 3 quarters pretty much.balkman really stepped up tonight with rebounding. Marbury followed his great performance last night with a even better one tonight. 38 points along with a handfull of assists and even 6 steals. atlanta is fairly terrible in the half-court game, aside from smith. francis back up his statement that hes not a total bust at this point in his career. he could take the ball to the hoop at will, just like marbury did. i think they were feading off of each others energy. the knicks bench got almost as much camera time as the game itself. walt wasnt announcing tonight. i think it was all of the first 4 possesions of OT resulted in 3 points for the knicks. it was a nice change to see the knicks come back from 15 down and actually get the W, they are now 5 for 6 in OT i think. good day for them, hope it was for you too, seth. go ny.

Seth said...

Thanks, everybody! I had a good birthday, and managed to catch the fourth quarter and OT. I'll recap in a few.