Monday Crumbs

Here's what's floatin around the internet after the Knicks' Salt Lake heartbreak...

- "Do you think Dwyane Wade masturbates?" It's the Basketball Jones' 100th Podcast! It's a fantastic ep, with tons of calls and clips from the past 99. Congratulations to Skeets, Tas, and JD. If you don't listen to Basketball Jones, then you are missing out, my friend.

- The Knickerblogger breakdown of the Utah game.

- The 41st Carnival of the NBA is up at LOY's Place.

- Jim Dolan: Isiah Thomas doesn't have "anything to worry about right now". Zeke's job is safe for the time being.

That's it for today. Back tomorrow with some preview-age of the Knicks-Lakers game. PEACE.

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