Knicks 95, Bucks 93

The Knicks played like ass, but still managed to beat the Milwaukee Bucks on a pair of Chan Frye free throws with .8 seconds remaining. Eddy Curry, for maybe the first time in his life, rebounded more than he scored, putting up 10 points and 11 boards, along with 7 turnovers (almost a triple double!) Stephon Marbury and Jamal Crawford each put up 22 points. David Lee had 10 and 9 in only 22 minutes. Mo Williams torched the Knicks once again, putting up 28 points to go with 10 bounds (and 8 turnovers...that was a theme in this game). I missed the whole damn thing being out here in Colorado, so without further ado, I give you game attendee and Your NYK homie, Rodge:
You want game notes? Here's the insider scoop.
Carlos Villanueva wrapup: no hair.
Poor attendance tonight.
During warmups, Jerome James played a fake one on one games with Malik Rose. Threes were taken. There were no casualties.
Actually, Jerome took down one of the ball kids on a drive to the hoop, so make that one scarred for life, none killed, none wounded.
New Knicks PA announcer, which gets me pissed off since I can do most of the old guys calls at will. I'm biased, but he sucks.
Brian Skinner should rethink his hair situation. First off, not a great lookin guy. Second off, the no hair on top but creepy beard with no moustache looks just weird. He looks like a Black Amish guy or an ancient Egyptian pharoah.
During introductions, the crowd applauded Jerome James. Next time I go to MSG I'm gonna sneak in a double-barrelled shotgun and take down the first five applauders I see. Or just Jerome James.
Also, not to pile on Jerome, but he's listed on the big screen as 6'11, 245. Isn't he 7'2 and at least 280?
Aren't the Knicks City Kids creepy? Just wondering.
Mo Williams: Knicks Killer.
At halftime, I checked out a memorabilia booth the Knicks were setting up, and one of the items was the famous Steph finger roll ball over Mehmet Okur. I was ready to buy it, but the asking price was about 980 dollars more than I had on me, so I walked away.
Does Bruce Bowen play for the Bucks? Nate Rob and Lee both came down on peoples feet, and Lee left for the rest of the game save a tiny stint. Surprisingly, Jeffries replaced him well, although he still can't finish.
Who is Jared Reiner?
Marbury was sick down the stretch, drainin 3s, jumpers, taking it to the rack for fouls, and this one time taking a fader that bounced up off the rim about 3 feet and dropped down.
Good god, Jamal Crawford. Thats all I gotta say.
Oh yeah, and fuck you too, Mo Williams.
Did anyone see what happened on the final play? Marbury held the ball for 15 seconds, drove, and put up an airball, but Bogut got called for a loose ball foul with .8 seconds left. I didn't see the foul, but it must've been big for them to make a call with .8 seconds, and I still have no idea what happened.
Up one at the line with .8 seconds left, I say you brick intentionally. Channing Frye, however, doesn't care for such antics.
In closing: 2 games back from the Heat and the Magic, so get pumped.
Game Notes: Not my cup o tea. I'll leave this to you in future, although hey, 1-0 in Rodge-noted games.
Many thanks, Rodge. He managed to touch all of my favorite subjects: facial hair, Bruce Bowen hatred, and Knicks City Kids. I might as well just hand the blog over to him! Again, I appreciate the game notes. Good stuff.

The Knicks next game is on Sunday against the Nets. Back then tomorrow. Peace.

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