Knicks-Wizards Crumbs

A few links floating around the internet after last night's heartbreaker...

-When the game is tight the Knicks should definitely play Marbury, Crawford, Lee, Curry, and...who? Brian Cronin at Knickerblogger wonders.

- The Bullets Forever recap of last night's game

- Isiah doesn't appear to be looking at any deals. I think that's good.

- From J.E. Skeets at the Fanhouse, Mark Cuban wants a "Hoops Day in America". Every day is Hoops Day at Your New York Knicks.

That's it. Nets tomorrow, kids. Peace.

EDIT: If checking out my visitor stats is your cup of tea, note that my Site Meter is about 9 hours slow. Don't let the small numbers deceive you, I got mad visitorz.

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