Knicks-Suns Crumbs

Here's what's floating around the internet after last night's loss to the Suns...

- The Knickerblogger recap

- Jake Appleman of SLAM's game notes

- Your NYK reader, willymilly, was at the Garden last night, and had a few game notes of his own:
- When I first got to the Arena and saw Clyde's suit my eyes started to burn. How does the man pull it off?
- Whenever Eddy was out of the game there was no presence in the middle on defense and Amare rolled everyone, it was disgusting. It gave the one Suns fan in our section something to cheer about.
- "Feed the Beast" was said numerous times in the first half. I kept telling my buddy Eddy was going to have a forty point game. How wrong I was.
- The backboard dunk that you mentioned with Crawford.. from where we were sitting it looked like it went off the front of the rim. I don't remember if he passed it out to Lee who dunked after that or not.. but I'm pretty sure it went off the front of the rim.
- Nate was all over the floor and it was quite entertaining and uplifting. Even though his shooting frustrates me, he hustles and is pretty much a faster David Lee. If he could just tone down his shooting he could be key in the next couple of weeks if Steph has to take extended time or less minutes.
- When the Knicks penetrate, they score 97% of the time. I don't see why they don't do it more. Q, Nate, and Crawford are faster then almost every defender that they'll go against. The past couple of games it's been Q who has fallen victim to terrible shot selection. Nate usually penetrates more, but tonight he didn't do much, and Crawford is always half and half.
Good points. Nate is probably the fastest and craftiest slasher on the team. He has one of the quickest spin-moves in the league, and is good at drawing the double and making the quick pass. There's no reason he needs to be shooting 3's at all. Likewise, Crawford has a pretty good percentage on his drives to the basket, and Richardson might benefit from posting up a bit more. The Knicks are an in the paint team.

- An interview at the Big Picture with the Cavalier. Yay Sports is one of the funniest sites out there, and the interview is worth a read.

- Oh. It's TNT NBA Thursday. Mavs-Bulls followed by Nets-Clippers.

- Finally, you've probably seen something about the case of Genarlow Wilson, but for links to the full story and how to help, check out this post at Pounding the Rock.

That's all for today, kids. The Knicks play the Heat again tomorrow night, with or without Marbury and Curry. See you then. Peace.


Ra said...

Ummm, Channing Frye sucks. Isiah must have a huge boner for the dude to continue to have him starting. He doesn't even look like a basketball player.

Free David Lee!

Your boys played pretty well last night, the inexperience caught up with them. With a different coach this is easily a playoff team.

Isiah is completely clueless (cliche?).

zach said...

Frye sucks? Watchyo talking about fool? I think you got the wrong guy. Anyways for tonight- GOOO CLIPPERS!

Seth said...

I dunno bout Chaning. I think he has the same problem as Jeffries: a lack of confidence. And I think his peach-fuzz moustahce makes him look like a fucking pro.

willymilly said...

I can't compare him to how he played last year, this is the first year I really started watching the Knicks full time, but Channing isn't terrible, he has played well in most games, and slightly worse than bad in others, he's still young, I think that is what alot of people forget about this team.

Tomorrow's lineup is going to be different to say the least, Eddy is questionable and it looks like he's not going to start. The only two definate starts I see right now are Steph as PG and JJ at F.. everything else is a toss, I mean Q will start.. but where?

Seth said...

You think Jeffries is a lock for forward even with his benching last night?

I don't know that he should be...

willymilly said...

It's not that he should be starting, it's just that he will be.