Knicks-Kings Tonight

The Knicks play the third game of their West Coast bogus journey this evening, taking on the Sacramento Kings at 10 EST. Pay close attention the Brad Miller- Eddy Curry matchup down low. Miller's a good passer and jump-shooter, a type of center that Curry has had trouble defending. Hopefully, Mittens can muscle him around and get him in foul trouble on the other end. Let's get that Mean Streak started again. This is a decent opportunity for a win on the road trip, so the Knicks best get their shit together.

What's that you ask? You'd like to see a tear-jerking video montage of the Kings' recent glory days? Well looky here, young fella. I've got just the thing, but be warned that it has a very sad ending.

Ahhh, those were the days.

Anyway, in other news, Steve Francis is giving the Knicks the Penny Hardaway treatment and peacing out for an undetermined amount of time. Stevie will be heading home to Houston, where trainers can give more personal attention to his crappity-ass knees. Obviously, I hope he feels better, but the Knicks have already proven to be in decent shape without him. With Nate returning soon and Mardy Collins starting to show some signs, it's an insignificant loss. So why am I even talking about it. I don't know. Shut up.

Francis may miss the rest of the season, and may even be done as a Knick, but nothing's certain. Meanwhile, I'm sure most Knicks fans have no problem with Steve spending his time rehabilitating, resting, and inappropriately looking at the camera when having his picture taken.

No, Steve! This is supposed to be the warm-hearted and charitable picture!

Well, tonight's game should go pretty late, but expect a recap on your computer screen immediately afterwards or tomorrow afternoon. Go Knicks. Peace.

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