Knicks-Kings Tomorrow

I'm not gonna be around when the Kings come to town tomorrow afternoon, so I'll preview the damn thing right now. The last game between these two teams was fairly shitty for the 'Bockers. Even though Brad Miller got tossed early on, Ron Artest was ridiculously hot from the field, dropping a career high 39. I wouldn't expect Artest to put on that same kind of performance again, but you never know with Ron-Ron.

Anyway, look for Mittens to have a big game (seems like I say that a lot, eh?). Brad Miller plays defense about as frequently as he dresses nicely*, and Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson are like a combined 4'3''. Bring it, big man.


I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. Go nuts with some comments if you see the game, cause I ain't gonna catch a second of it. Go Knicks. Peace.

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