Knicks-Kings Crumbs

I had a longer post, but my computer kinda crashed, so I've gotta start over. The abbreviated version:

-An article on David Lee's rebounding from the Star Ledger

- More on Lee at Knickerblogger.

- Not Knicks related, but this post at Yay Sports made me laugh so hard I think I strained something. I'm day-to-day.

- One last thing. A while back, I pointed out (mockingly), the blue pin that Isiah Thomas has been wearing. Turns out I had no reason to mock, because this pin represents Autism Speaks, a research organization. I read this a few weeks ago, and meant to mention it, and a reader finally reminded me today. Isiah has done a great deal of charitable work for this organization. So, my apologies.

- Some love for Stephon from the Big Lead over at the Fanhouse (which is the shit). Solid points. Mr. Marbury's been playing like a healthy, well-adjusted point guard over the last few. As Clyde would say, he's got some pep in his step.

That's all for today. The Knicks are in Washington tomorrow, which is a huuuuuge statement game for this up-and-down team. See you then. Peace.

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The District Celtic said...

...could Gilbert Arenas BE God?

I'll look into it.