Knicks-Heat Crumbs

Some links from the day after the disaster...

- Knickerblogger has the play-by-play of the first quarter. It's rather one-sided.

- Mike Dougherty on Jared Jeffries.

- From the New York Times:
“It seems like the court’s tilted, like they’re running downhill, shooting layups and making 3’s,” Lee said. “And we’re going uphill just to get the ball across halfcourt and try to get a shot up.”
Fishy. Someone should check out that American Airlines floor.

- Extreme Makeover: Hype Edition. Lookin' good, homie.

That's it for today. The Suns come to town tomorrow night at 7:30 (although the Knicks might not start playing until 8), in just about the worst possible matchup after a debilitating loss. Should be interesting to see the overall demeanor of the squad, with or without Stephon Marbury. See you tomorrow. Peace.

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EDIT: Sweet Jebus, I have the free trial of League Pass and I didn't even realize it!


willymilly said...

So I'm going to the game tomorrow, and I'm trying to find something to encourage me and convince me that they have a chance.

Not much helped, but i'll just type everything I found.

The Knicks against winning teams are 8-15, they are 4-7 against winning teams at home, they are 6-7 in the last month.

There were a couple of encouraging pieecs of standing though, they are 1-1 against winning teams at home this month, that they're 9-8 since the fight, and they are 3-1 against winning teams at home since the fight.

So I call toss up on the result.

Seth said...

Should be a fun one, no matter what. The Suns are playing the second of a back to back, so that's good. Also if the Knicks are up at halftime, you know that's a good sign.