Knicks-Blazers Tonight

The Knicks take on the Trailblazers tonight up in the mecca of basketball, Portland. This is the first meeting between the two, but Zach Randolph has had a history of burning the Knicks. He's a tricky-ass lefty, so why not put another lefty, David Lee, on him? Just might work.

Speaking of Z-Bo here's a video of Randolph visiting the home of a Blazers-obsessed little kid with a Randolph-themed room. Turns out they have a lot in common. They're both named Zack, both love basketball and video games, and both have very pinchable cheeks! Enjoy. (The video isn't available to embed).

By the way, here's a weird little tidbit from the Blazers' current homepage:
Here’s a some trivia for all the fantasy basketball team owners out there: If you had chance at any player on a Knicks starting lineup that includes Stephon “Starbury” Marbury, Steve “Franchise” Francis, Quentin “Q” Richardson, sharp-shooting Channing Frye and NBA cast-off Eddy Curry, who would’ve been the smartest choice to anchor your fantasy team?

The answer? Eddy Curry, who despite starting on a roster filled with backcourt talent, averages a team-high 18.2 points per game and leads all starters with 7.2 rebounds...
Backhanded compliment much?

Game's at 10:00. Go Knicks. Later.

EDIT: On page 22 of this week's New Yorker Magazine, a cartoon by Danny Shanahan that shows a family sitting at a dinner table with the father saying, "And if you don't finish your vegetables Daddy will take you to a Knicks game." Oh I get it, because the Knicks are bad. Ha. They just had 3 straight overtime wins at the Garden, so the New Yorker can shove it. Because I'm very mature, I bit a big chunk out of the page. So there.


Nugg Doctor said...

Just saying what up, hope your ballin on the reg!

Seth said...

Thanks for stopping by. If by balling you mean "eating goldfish crackers", then yeah, I do it like its my job.