Crawford's Big Night

No real news today. Just this sweet, sweet video of all of Jamal Crawford's 52 points last night. Enjoy.

Bucks tomorrow. See ya then with some lookalikes and a preview. Peace.


The District Celtic said...

Yo I just threw down some All-Star predictions and I need a Knick fan's opinion:
Would Eddy Curry in the Skills Challenge not be the greatest thing ever? God, I hope Stern has a sense of humor.

zach said...

HAHA I like that idea. Anyways I watched all the Knicks game last night and then watched this video 3 more times today... Is that bad?

Seth said...

dude...that'd be amazing. it reminds me of old nba live games where i'd do the three-point.

zach...no worries i've been watching that video all day. those kind of offensive performances don't come often.

Seth said...

kinda belated...but i forgot to complete a sentence. i used to do the three-point contest with matt geiger and tony massenburg is what i meant to say.