Knicks-Grizzlies Tonight

The Knicks take on Memphis again tonight. A few things before we talk about the game.

-Great post from The Big Lead at the recently assembled and thoroughly awesome NBA Fanhouse. The recent surge of Eddy Curry is discussed, with his stats laid out for all to see. It is mentioned however, that the Knicks have a losing record since he's been playing well. From the post:
The problem, of course, is that Curry's resurgence hasn't translated into victories (2-4), but when Frye (ankle) and Jeffries (wrist) return from injury by January 1 – and by the grace of the Big Man upstairs, Steve Francis is dealt for six crayons, a blanket, and two boxes of Wheat Thins - it's not out of the realm of possibility that the Knicks could make run at the playoffs in the historically-bad Eastern Conference.
Does anyone have any real evidence behind that last rumor? Steve's been playing ok but you can't pass up that trade. The crayons could be relegated to the D-League, while the blanket is solid trade bait and the Wheat Thins are a great prospect at point guard. This post has me excited for a deadline blockbuster.

Great athleticism, tremendous upside, and a nutty wheat taste.

- An interesting list of the 20 greatest foreign ballers from Jones on the NBA. As he did with the American white guys, I'd say this list merits a worst foreign player list. There's plenty of choices for that one.

Oh, hells yes.

Anyway, the Knicks play ummm...Mike Miller? and the Grizzlies tonight. (The Grizz don't really have a frontman without Pau, do they?) This is a must-win. The Knicks nearly lost to the Grizzlies in the season opener, but Memphis is pretty much the worst team in the league without Gasol. It's a perfect chance to get the Garden crowd back on their side, so they better pull it out. Or else. Recap later.

EDIT: Tas and Skeets took the Knicks to win in today's Book It. Take that as motivation, Knicks. Win this one for yourselves, win it for me, but most of all win it for The Basketball Jones.

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