Knicks-Clippers Today?

Uh...apparently the Knicks are playing in LA this afternoon (3:30 EST). They play games on New Years Eve...Day?

Anyway, the Clippers own the Knicks in Los Angeles, having won their last 7 meetings at home. This is a good test for the Knicks. It's a decent, healthy, streaking Clippers team that's 11-6 at home, and the guys are coming off a thorough beatdown from the Suns. One thing to look for is the matchup on Elton Brand. Expect to see Frye, Lee, and even Jeffries trying to slown down the beast. Keep an eye on the Clips three-point shooting as well, as Mobley, Maggette, and Sam Cassell (took me a few tries to spell that right) can all heat up from the perimeter. Sam-I-Am in particular has always been a Knick-killer, and loves to hit those dagger shots down the stretch. Sam Cassell is not my friend.

If this is among the top results in a Google search of your name, well...I'm very sorry.

Oh, and the lollygagging enigma of a swingman they call Tim Thomas is wearing an LA uniform these days, so I suppose there's an added motivational factor of "Fuck You" for Isiah and the kids.

So let's do this, everyone. This game and this road trip are key to getting closer to .500 and moving to the top of the Atlantic Division. Go Knicks.

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