Monday Night Madness

Yo yo yo. We got some Knicks action this evening, as the San Antonio Spurs are coming to town. The timing of this game brews within me a great dilemma. First, let me explain that I am extremely superstitious when it comes to the Knicks. If you haven't already gathered such, I don't do this site just for fun, I am truly a diehard Knicks fan. Accordingly, my actions surrounding televised games are rather radical. Generally, I will not get up from my seat during a game, save for halftime, when I pee and usually have a quick snack. I snap at anyone who speaks to me during the game, and frequently cause damage to myself or my surroundings when things don't go well. Lastly, I absolutely will not change the channel under any circumstances, save for the discovery of a live pterodactyl. If, and only if, there is the breaking news of a pterodactyl sighting, I will flip to CBS. As of yet, this hasn't occured. That's just me. Oh, and I also have to wear shoes. I don't know why.

If you see this, do not hesitate to call

Anyway, the television (wouldn't that be the noun of televised?) of tonight's game conflicts with that of Monday Night Football, one of my favorite programs ever. The Knicks will assuredly lose this evening, as the Spurs always quickly and mercilessly shit on them. So, the notion to flip back and forth between MNF and the Knicks' demise has crept into my conscience. I do run the risk of cursing the entire Knicks' season if I flip back and forth, but certainly won't miss anything good. I'm still up in the air.

If it somehow is a close game, I'll surely watch. I really really hate the Spurs. The recent upsurge of "They're not THAT boring" statements from sportscasters is dead to me. They are that boring, a fact that is only magnified by their constant presence on national television, which is another post for another time. Anyway, save for Tim Duncan on occasion, I don't like watching a single player on San Antonio. Bruce Bowen is far and away my least favorite player in the league, and the rest of the team is either monotonous or obnoxious. I love nothing more than watching the Spurs lose. So there.

This just warms the cockles of my heart

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