Spurs 100, Knicks 92

I have almost nothing new to say about this game. Same problems: bad start, perimeter defense, and interior presence. And that's only on the defensive end. Some notes:

-I think Channing Frye's struggles are more important than it might appear. He's really the Knicks only mid-range shooter. His current non-threatening status really clogs up the court for cutting guards. If he started making his usual 18 footers, you'd see more open threes and slashes to the basket because one or two guys would have to follow Frye.

-The Knicks got some measure of redemption at Bruce Bowen. When Bowen pulled his signature move (if he were a pro wrestler this would be called the "Thundercut", but he's not so it's just "douchey") on Crawford, Zeke got visibly upset and had a mini verbal altercation with Bowen. Both got T'd up quickly and it was over. I would've rather seen Nate bite him or something, but I guess this will have to do.

You'll get yours, Bruce.

- Why, Eddy Curry, why? If I ever meet him on the street, I swear in the name of Charles Oakley, we will have a talk. I don't even worry that I'd piss him off by doing that. What's he gonna do, foul me?

- Pounding the Rock has some true, some just not-nice things to say about the Knicks after last night's game. Let me just say that the Knicks have plenty of "shooting" guards, they just don't have enough "making" guards. I have made it clear that I think Jalen Rose's roster spot should be filled by a white gunner, though.

Anyway, Cavs on Monday. Sunday Lookalikes coming a little later. Peace out.

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