Refs 122, Knicks 118

Let me just say that the Celtics are not a good basketball team. They're not better than the Knicks. So there. Game notes:

- 63 foul shots. I'm pretty sure you couldn't foul someone that many times if you were trying. The refs need to get their heads straight.

- Paul Pierce is a prick. Really.

I hate the Celtics.

- The Knicks started off the game 10-0 on a flurry of dunks and layups. A timeout was called, and the drum squad known as the "New York Sticks" came out to play. The game resumed and the Celtics promptly took the lead. Therefore, the New York Sticks are responsible for the loss.

- Even when the Knicks took the lead in the fourth, I knew they were gonna lose. It was just that kind of game.

- Patrick Ewing was there. That was awesome.

Sign him!

While we're at it, sign him!

- I have nothing else to say. That was a disgrace of a basketball game.

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