Let's All Be Thankful

The Knicks take on the T-Wolves tonight at the Target Center. Most important is the play of Francis and Marbury, who has a complicated relationship with the city of Minneapolis. Recap coming late tonight or tomorrow. Moving on.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I pose this question. Do you remember the first time, if ever, you saw your favorite team live in action? Some thought and a visit to Basketballreference.com can help you pinpoint the exact date and box score from the season. I encourage bloggers and commenters to post something about their first games.

Anyway, here's mine. I have fond memories of this game. Certain players and plays are very clear in my mind. I was a young lad, but I remember being unexpectedly drawn to rooting for the Knicks (who lost).

Damn, I miss LJ.

Anyway, I think that in remembering our first game, we can reflect and be thankful for our loves of basketball and of our favorite teams. Be thankful that, among other things, we have the means, the stability, and the time to be enamored and obsessed with such a peripheral matter. In your mind and in your actions, take into account those who must concern themselves solely with their well-being or survival, and do not have the means nor the leisure to enjoy sports. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Lil Dice said...

I am very thankful that my Wolves got the win they needed after playing your Knicks tonight. It'll be a good thanksgiving.

Seth said...

Yes, the Knicks are all about giving.