Knicks-Heat Tonight

The Knicks head to Miami this evening to take on the Heat. Shaq appears to be returning for tonight's game, and the Heat have a few dangerous three-point shooters, so this is gonna be a tough one. One thing to look for is Frye/Lee's job on Udonis Haslem. He's a good midrange shooter and a tough rebounder, making him very dangerous to a sloppy Knicks defense. U needs to be shut down. Oh yeah, and that Wade guy. I'm gonna miss most of the game tonight, so feel free to post comments on the events. If the Knicks win I'm definitely gonna hit up Knicks in 60, because I really hate the Heat.

And that's why I'm not a Heat fan.

Two things to read:
Very interesting post from Knickerblogger on Eddy Curry.
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willynilly said...

This time next week if they keep playing like this they'll end up 8-7. (Only loss to the Rockets)

Seth said...

It's possible. Remember that we're talking about the Knicks, though.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were some how 0-15 next week. They're capable of anything.

Seth said...

BTW, nice looking blog you've got there, willynilly. Thanks for visiting.