Knicks 118, Grizzlies 117

Undefeated, bitches! This is for all you doubters out there. I TOLD you so.

In all seriousness...hot DAMN what a typical Knicks way to start the season. By the end of the game I didn't care whether they lost or won, the damage had been done. They looked amazing through 3 quarters, but when Curry blew a dunk and Balkman shat the bed on a fast break...I knew things were turning around. Oh well. A win's a win.

Some note's from last night:
-For those of you that caught the pre-game show...Isiah seems really annoying in practice. I don't know if this video can be found anywhere, but he pretty much stands behind the guards as they warm up and yells "Get hot! Get hot!" over and over again. I'd probably snap and kick him after awhile. Maybe that's just me.
-Channing Frye needs to shave. That sweaty little faded mustache does not look good in HD.
- I'm pretty sure David Lee's chin goes directly into his chest.

More important notes:
- What exactly went on in the huddle at the end of regulation? It must've been something like this...
Isiah: Alright, guys, the game is tied and its ours to win. Who's gonna take the last shot? Jamal?
Jamal: Well, coach, I'm not really feeling it. To be frank, I've just started shooting with my eyes closed or on one foot, cause I'm that off.
Isiah: Fantastic. Everyone get Jamal the ball 25 feet out and he'll take a fadeaway three to win this thing! Hoo-rah!
Jamal: I'm not sure that's a good idea.
Isiah: Just get hot. Get hot. Get hot get hot gethotgethotgethotgethot.

-On that note, who decided Crawford was Mr. Clutch on the Knicks? How come I didn't have a vote? I remember him banking in a half-court shot against the Rockets...but other than that, nothing. In fact, I'd say he's the LEAST clutch player on the team. And why on EARTH would you shoot a three? Get to the basket, draw some contact! And even if you are gonna shoot a three, why don't you let the perfect-as-of-yet Richardson put it up? FUCK!

-Curry looked a LOT better. Even the fouls he committed were kinda shit calls. He needs to help out a lot more on D, as does Frye, but there's no question that he's improved.

- Marbury and Francis looked perfectly comfortable sharing the ball. Seriously.

- The guards need to fight over picks. No one but Robinson even attempts to do so. They're gonna get abused if they don't put in a lot more effort.

Damon Stoudamire is a paraplegic, yet can still get into the paint. Marvelous.

- What bigs do you play in the clutch? Frye is very shaky in tight moments, and Curry is to liable to do something stupid.

- Maybe the Knicks need to get a little more balls-out on defense. They're not gonna be able to stop a hot shooter, so why not gamble more and try to create some pressure and turnovers? Just a thought.

- The Grizzlies were miserably bad, but Gay, Warrick, and Lowry looked fantastic. Gay showed a lot of great moves from different spots.


Kieran Darcy is ditching an undefeated team. What a douche.

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Today is a day of rest and reflection for the Knickerbockers. Hopefuly a lot of both.

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