Wait, what!?

Yo. Nothin much to say today. Head on over to The Basketball Jones to vote for a caption for this Knicks t-shirt. My best effort was "sharing is caring".

Um...woah. I just went to double check what time the Knicks-Nets game was tomorrow...only to realize that it was just now...and uhh...what the hell happened? They lost...which is no big deal...but the score was a mammoth 138-121. And Steve Francis dropped 39, 6, and 6...and then got tossed late in the fourth quarter. Turnovers seemed to be the problem again, along with allowing the New Jersey fuckin Nets to score 138 points. Whatever.

Lawrence Frank tries to tickle Mikki Moore into submission, while Isiah just smiles in the background.

More on this tomorrow maybe. Expect some lookalikes on Sunday, and regular coverage again on Monday.

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