Tis the Season Preview: Acquisitions

Part one of our season preview revolves around the offseason acquisitions. I started with this cause, well, it's mad easy. Ain't that much acquiring going on in these parts. And that's a good thing. So much dealing has been done in the previous season or two that it's hard to keep track of everyone. It seems like every now and then I'm watching or reading about the Knicks and I say to myself, "Shit, Jalen Rose is on the Knicks?" What this team needs is some chemistry and Knicks patriotism. And if you're never sure who your comrades are gonna be, it's hard to get united. So I think a closing of the doors and a nice, firm isolationist mindset is suitable. Generally satisfying my desires, Zeke made very little movement in the offseason market. Some moves, though, were a little controversial. Here's the rundown.

Jared Jeffries- Jeffers came at a pretty high price, but he's got an appropriate game for these Knicks. He runs well, and can defend the perimeter- a glaring hole last year. His wing defense is crucial since Curry, Frye and James aren't exactly elite shot-blockers. Perimeter players must be contained. The broken wrist is a setback, but from what I saw in the preseason he seems a good fit.

Mardy Collins- Don't know much about this chap, but he's built pretty damn well. The dude is like 6'5'' and is touted as a solid passer and playmaker, as well as a fine perimeter defender. Again, it's nothing extraordinary, but it fits. Also, if he gets really fat, we can call him Mardy Gras. Neato.

Renaldo "Predator" Balkman- Something in the Times today said that they're calling him "Taz" like the tasmanian devil. It's a decent name, but I prefer Predator, a previous idea. Cause, god damn, he looks like Predator. Anyway, Senor Renaldo has just about the strangest build I've ever seen on an NBA player. He's like 6'7'' and change, kinda hunched over, and has a solid midsection with really lanky arms. That said, the kid is a fucking whirlwind. He's everywhere on the court, and when he grabs D-bounds, he has the ballhandling skills to take off and lead the break. With that kind of hustle and a little work on his shot, this kid could be a baller. Definitely gonna throw down some highlights in the year to come.

So them's the newbies. It's nothing to write home about, but it's exactly what the team needed. Guys who bring just enough hustle, determination, and defense, and have the a team-first mindset. Don't be surprised if one or more of these three plays a big part in the rotation.

Next up: The Coach. That's right.

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